Walking barely or Can barely walk?

As humans, we love exploring places we have never been to or are fun to be in. Whether it’s a hike up the mountain or walking through uneven forest grounds, it all takes a lot of courage and strength to accomplish that goal. However, the unsung hero we give little credit to is your feet, which makes it possible for you to go to all the places you like. Your feet are where all the nerves, muscles and bones end, which is much more complex than you think.

If you ever feel like your feet hurts quicker than they used to or can barely handle everyday routines like walking to the nearest store, it can indicate poor feet condition, which will require a professional podiatrist to take a look at it. A foot condition can occur at any time during your life, and having to self-medicate it with pills or ointments may not essentially give a good idea of what you are suffering from.

Did you know foot conditions can start as early as infancy? How do you determine that? Not all may be visible to the eye; regular visits to your nearest paediatric podiatrist can unravel your child’s growth or existing feet conditions that are rectifiable. Barefeet Podiatry is the best podiatrist that specialises in extensive foot care that helps you treat and heal your feet conditions professionally.

Reasons why you need to visit a Podiatrist

Carrying out your daily tasks shouldn’t be considered a challenge, but if it does, then here are all the reasons you need to visit a foot doctor ASAP!

  • Sudden Pain, Numbness or Swelling: Occasional pain or discomfort is normal, but suddenly getting severe pain or numbness might indicate a serious problem that requires a trip to the doctor.
  • Pain in your Heel: Heels pain can especially affect your normal life. Rather than tolerating the pain, get expert insights from a podiatrist to learn more about your condition.
  • Unusual bony bump: Are you noticing a bony bump protruding by the side of your big toe? Then getting it to check immediately can rescue you from foot conditions like bunions.
  • Red Toenails: Do you see redness around your toenails? Does the growth of your toenails prickle your skin? Then this would indicate painful ingrown toenails that require a podiatrist’s help to remove.
  • Athlete’s foot or not: The fungal infection between the skin of your toes can get scaly and itchy when you have an athlete’s foot. An ointment prescribed by a doctor should do it. But if it doesn’t in a couple of weeks, then the need for a podiatrist arises.
  • Possible sprain, strain or broken bone: Doing risky stuff is a thrill we love to do, but a mistake can result in minor to fatal injuries. If you suspect any such injury, then hurry to your nearest podiatrist!

Barefeet Podiatry: Professionally Done Feet

If we are to consider all the factors that constitute a bad foot condition, then it can be genetic, weather, food habits, or extreme workout routines. But if your feet tend to hurt, booking an appointment would be worth the time. If you are seeking a reputable clinic that offers you a professional foot specialist for your service, then Barefeet Podiatry is what you are looking for.

With over 15 years of experience, Barefeet Podiatry focuses on result-based solutions that can not only alleviate pain but also eliminate it. We believe in unlocking, restoring and improving the health of your feet. The wonderful mechanics of your feet deserves its care, and our expert podiatrist is here with the latest technology and methods to provide just that.

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