Are you looking for bunion treatment in Sydney, Australia?

Our North Sydney clinic can advise you on the best treatment for it. Bunion surgery is the only way to remove it completely. However, there are some ways to slow the progression and relieve symptoms.

Do you want to stop the excess pressure on your toe, which is causing the bunion? We advise you to go with non-surgical bunion treatment before you take on the next step which is why we offer orthotics which provides you with bunion support. This helps to align the foot back to its correct position.

Do you want to get rid of bunion pain or need foot corn treatment? We can help!

Our Podiatrist has many years’ experience in dealing with many foot problems like bunions. Contact us today or book an appointment straight away and we can give you the bunion care you need.

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What is a Bunion?

When people hear the word ‘Bunion,’ the majority of people assume it’s a bump on the big toe. However, there is more to it
than just that.

A bunion is an alteration of the bone structure located at the front of the foot. This causes the big toe to angle in the direction of the second toe, instead of going straight. The bones then push out of their alignment creating the bump.

After some time, the bunion can develop into a larger form and become painful, so it’s best to seek help as soon as possible.

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What causes a Bunion?

Bunions are caused by the mechanics in the foot being moved.

Bunions can be inherited due to the type of foot and not the actual bunion.

Can link to certain types of arthritis.

Wearing footwear that can cause the toes to crowd, e.g. heels.

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What are the symptoms of a Bunion?

Soreness or pain in the foot



Burning sensation on the foot

Occasional numbness

Calluses building up on the big toe, or ingrown toenails. This causes limited movement of the big toe.

In-growing toe nails

Limited movement in the big toe and the surrounding toes

How can barefeet Podiatry?

If you are looking to remove the bunion completely, surgery is your only solution.

However, there are other ways to stop it from developing and soothe the symptoms.

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At Barefeet Podiatry, our Podiatrist can prescribe orthotic which are custom-made. This puts the foot back to its original structure.

This creates minimal force being applied to the joints of the big toe which stops the bunion from progressing.

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Footwear advice

It is vital that your footwear has depth and width to allow for room for your bunion.

Slim fitting shoes that are fitted poorly can rub on the bunion causing it to develop faster.

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Toe separators

To stop the toes from overlapping and to realign them back to their original position we suggest the use of toe separators.

You can buy toe separators on our website now!

What should I do next?

If you think you have a bunion and would like to seek help, then book an appointment with us today. We will give an initial biomechanical analysis and discuss further solutions.

Book an initial biomechanical appointment online today!

Remember- the harder it will be to treat if you don’t solve the problem as soon as possible.

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