Are you looking for a specialist in Sydney, Blacktown, Central Coast, Chatswood, Campbelltown, New South Wales or the surrounding areas that can take a look at your upper leg pain or pain in the hip?

Are you wondering how a podiatrist can give you the right treatment for your hip pain? Based in North Sydney, Australia, our podiatrist at Barefeet Podiatry can assess your hip pain and give you the best solution.

With many years’ experience in dealing with all foot, leg, thigh, hip and lower back pain, our foot specialist can give you a biomechanical assessment to evaluate your body’s alignment and check if the feet have changed their positioning and if there are any anomalies. With this information, we can provide you with the best treatment to help reduce the pain.

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What are the causes of Hip pain?


Inflammation of the hip joints

Hip fractures


Overuse injury

Damage to tissue

A hernia

Tendon or muscle strain


Back pain

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What are the Symptoms of Hip pain?

Discomfort in the thigh, hip joint, groin and buttocks

Back pain


Joint pain


Reduce motion


Lingering pain

Pain while lying on your side

Pain while crossing your legs

How can barefeet Podiatry?

At Barefeet Podiatry, we can assess the way you walk and see if there are any anomalies. Our specialist believes that the feet are the foundation of the body, therefore if the feet are not in the correct positioning, the leg, thighs and hips will also not be in the correct alignment.

If the hip pain is left untreated, then it could become extremely uncomfortable to walk. Book a biomechanical assessment with us today, and we will find a solution to your hip pain as soon as possible.

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Custom-made orthotics

We can offer you special custom-made orthotics or off the shelf orthotics to realign the positioning of your foot. This will also improve the alignment for your feet, legs and hips.

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Change in Footwear

We advise you to wear comfortable yet supportive shoes more often. This will help to provide support and comfort for your feet. Check out our website for a list of the best types of trainers we recommend for you to wear.

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Exercising and stretches

At Barefeet Podiatry, we may give you some exercises and stretches to try at home. This will reduce the swelling and help to relieve pain in the hip area. By completing this daily, you will start to notice the pain reducing. You may wish to apply ice onto the hip area to reduce inflammation.

What should you do next?

Book an appointment at Barefeet Podiatry online today, and we will schedule a biomechanical assessment for you as soon as possible. Once this has been completed, we can give you the best solution to reduce your hip pain.

It is important to remember the earlier you come to us to help give you the right treatment, the sooner it will be to fix your hip pain.

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