Do you have any foot problems that are causing you distress? Then you need to contact a podiatrist to treat the problem straight away. Whether it is to do with the foot, heels, toes or the ankle, we can help!

If you are experiencing foot pain, get in touch with our North Sydney podiatry clinic! Our Sydney specialist can give you the correct diagnosis and help you manage the problem. We have many years’ experience in dealing with feet problems and can advise you on the best solution.

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The Main Foot Problems


Achilles Pain

Heel Pain

Toe Pain

Ankle Pain

Arch Pain

Ball of the Foot Pain

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Sydney’s Best Clinic in solving Heel & Foot Pain

We are a RESULTS based clinic, we focus on solving YOUR heel or foot problem!

Over 15 years of experience, conference lecturing, University lecturing and tutoring, we are focused on SOLUTIONS that work & are practical!

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What Causes Foot Problems?

Bad foot positioning

The mechanics of the foot


Too much pressure over a long period

Wearing the incorrect footwear

Too much activity

Standing for a long period

Inflammation due to the alignment of bone

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What are the Symptoms of having Foot Problems?

Pain as soon as you wake up

Pain when you are resting




Burning sensation of the foot

Occasional numbness


Stabbing pains

Pain that is intense

How can barefeet Podiatry?

The best thing to do to solve any pain issues you may be having is to book an appointment with us at Barefeet Podiatry. We will give you an initial assessment of the biomechanics of your foot. This will help us to find the cause and the best solution for you.

Remember we have expertise in fixing any foot problems!

We advise on conservative podiatric treatment before taking the surgical approach.

Contact our podiatrist today!

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Finding a correct diagnosis

It is important that you speak to a Podiatrist who has expertise in any foot problems. Only they will be able to give you the right diagnosis and treat the problem.

Podiatrists are those who focus on the study and treatment of all foot and lower limb problems. They will be able to give you the right advice and find a solution that works for you.

Book an appointment with our Podiatrist today! With many years’ experience and training, our podiatrist can tend to your needs and help cure the problem.

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Orthotics for your foot

Barefeet Podiatry can provide customised orthotics which are shaped especially to your foot. These can help to put the foot back to its right alignment.

This stops the force being applied on the joint.

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Footwear advice

Before we treat the problem, we may want to check the footwear you are wearing. We do this to make sure the problem doesn’t progress. Shoes that fit incorrectly and cause friction on the foot can result in further pain and cause the problem to worsen.

It is therefore important to wear shoes that are wide and comfortable allowing it to breathe and support the foot.

What should you do next?

Contact us today to book an appointment with us.

We will give you an assessment to discover the problem and come up with a solution.

Don’t forget, if you leave the problem, it will only get worse, so get help as soon as possible.

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A Podiatrist often recommends a “neutral” shoe, as this allows your foot to perform naturally

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