Are you experiencing sharp pain in the thigh area and are unsure how to treat it? Would you like to know more about how a Podiatrist based in North Sydney, Australia can help? Look no further than Barefeet Podiatry.

Our specialist has many years’ experience with all foot and lower back related problems and is on hand to help with your thigh pain as soon as possible. Barefeet Podiatry believes that the feet are the foundation of the body, so if the alignment of the foot is incorrect, the legs, thighs, hips and lower back will also be incorrect.

If you are looking for a solution for thigh pain for your child, you can also schedule an appointment with us, check out our children’s feet page for more information. To provide you with the best treatment for your inner thigh pain, outer thigh pain or top of thigh pain, book an appointment online at our Barefeet Podiatry clinic today.

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What are the causes of thigh pain?


Repetitive exercises

Tight clothing


Overstretching during sporting activities

A fall


Muscle strains or sprains

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What are the symptoms of thigh pain?

Tingling sensation




Trouble walking




Burning sensation

How can barefeet podiatry help?

Being a foot specialist, we understand how the rest of the body can be affected if the foot is not in the correct positioning. If you book an appointment with us, we can give you a biomechanical assessment to assess your foot’s positioning and see if that is causing the thigh pain.

Schedule an online appointment with us at Barefeet Podiatry today if you are experiencing upper thigh pain, thigh muscle pain or pain at the back of the thigh, we can help solve the problem efficiently. Most of the solutions we offer are easily completed at home, book an assessment with us and we can show you the best ways to relieve pain.

Orthotics for your foot

We have orthotics that are either off the shelf or custom-made to help keep your foot in the correct position. This will also encourage the legs, hips and thighs to fall into the correct alignment.

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Exercising and stretches

To relieve the pain from the thigh area, we can advise you on the best exercises and stretches. This will reduce the strain on the muscle and ultimately ease the pain. These exercises are simple and effective, get involved daily with the exercises at home and you will start to see results.

What should you do next?

If you are based in Sydney, Campbelltown, Blacktown, Central Coast, Chatswood or New South Wales and are looking for a specialist to deal with your inside thigh pain, upper thigh muscle pain or front thigh pain, book an appointment with us straight away to relieve the pain as soon as possible.

It is important to see a specialist who has many years’ experience to give you the correct diagnosis straight away. At Barefeet Podiatry, our podiatrist knows exactly how to treat thigh pain as soon as possible, book an appointment online and we can give you the solution you need to be pain-free.

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