It is VERY safe to come into our clinic:

1. We wash our hands with micro shield (hospital grade) before and after every client (our normal standard practice)

2. We have hand sanitizer available for client use

3. We can wear a mask during your consult – just ask

4. You can leave your mask on during the consultation, we don’t mind

5. Our Team members drive to and from work

6. Team members will touch all the door handles for you

7. Most people in our building are working from home

8. We offer virtual appointments, please book them online

9. We practice 1.5m between all Team members and clients

10. No Team members come into the clinic if they are unwell or been around a suspected/ confirmed case of Covid 19

11. We have spaced out appointments to reduce the chance two clients are together in the clinic

12. All surfaces touched by clients/team members are wiped with hospital grade disinfectant (clinidet) after EVERY client (our normal standard practice)

13. Our floors are mopped in the treatment rooms after EVERY client with clinidet (hospital-grade disinfectant)- our normal standard practice