If you are suffering from ankle problems, its time to contact a podiatrist straight away.

At Barefeet, we deal with any ankle related problems, whether its ankle pain, sprained ankle, broken ankle, ankle arthritis, ankle swelling, swollen ankles, fractured ankle, twisted ankle, rolled ankle or ankle joint pain.

If you are looking for ankle pain treatment or sprained ankle treatment, contact our North Sydney Podiatry clinic today, and we will be happy to help.

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What is the medical term for it?

Peroneal Tendinopathy, Peroneal tendonitis, Lateral ankle sprain, Peroneal tendon pain, pain on the outside of the foot is called Peroneal Tendinopathy (Lateral ankle pain).

Peroneal (the tendon name) itis (medical term for inflammation – peroneal tendonitis. It is the acute or chronic inflammation of either (or both) the peroneal longus or peroneal brevis tendons.

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What is Lateral Ankle pain?

Lateral ankle Pain (strain) is inflammation, irritation and swelling of the Peroneus Longus / brevis tendons at the attachment to the calcaneus or tibia. There are two muscles with tendons that can be affected; Peroneus Longus / Peroneus Brevis

This is caused predominately by supination (Rolling out of the foot).
As shearing and tractional forces are placed on the Achilles tendon, inflammation can occur at the attachment to the calcaneus (heel bone).

If the foundation is not correct (foot) and in the best position, then the walls (legs) and roof (hips / lower back) are out of alignment.

Usually, the first sign of peroneal tendinopathy is when someone goes over on the ankle – also called lateral ankle sprain.

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What are the symptoms of Ankle problems?






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What are the causes of Ankle problems?

Rolling of the foot

A form of arthritis

Gout- the build-up of uric acid (a product which breaks

down old cells) causing sharp pain

Injury or nerve damage

Blood vessels being blocked

Joint infections

What can barefeet podiatry do to treat this?

At Barefeet, we can advise you on the best solution to fix your ankle problem.

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We can prescribe you with Orthotics that are custom-made to your foot. This can help improve how the foot and ankle move which will stop the tendons from stretching. It will also put into the foot into its correct alignment.

This will give it time to heal and prevent too much pressure being applied.


By strapping your foot, it will allow the tendons to relax and avoid too much pressure being applied. This will allow for your foot to heal at a quicker rate. Our Podiatrist can provide advice on how to strap it effectively when you are at home. It is also important to remove it after three days.

Proprioception Training for the ankle

Change in your gym routine

Choosing the right footwear to support your ankle

Adapting the way you walk and how your foot hits the ground

Changing your body back to its correct alignment

Changing the way you walk up the stairs

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What should you do next?

It is important that you book an appointment with a Podiatrist straight away to help treat your ankle problem.

Whether you have experienced an ankle sprain or ankle swelling, with a biomechanical analysis, we can help diagnose the problem and give you the right solution.

If you delay the treatment, then it will take a much longer time to heal. This could also increase the risk of another injury.

If you need an ankle brace, at Barefeet Podiatry, you can buy one straight from our website. It is vital to get one if you do sports or any activity that requires a lot of movement.

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