Are you looking for a podiatry clinic in North Sydney to solve your collapsed feet/arches?

It is vital to take care of your feet as we believe feet are the foundation of the body. At our clinic in Sydney, Australia, we have many years’ experience in dealing with all feet problems including collapsed feet/arches.

If you are suffering from collapsed arches, it is essential to get help straight away to avoid further problems from progressing.

Contact our professional Podiatrists at Barefeet Podiatry today, and we will be happy to work with you on the best solution.

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What is it?

If you have noticed that your feet are flatter than usual, then this could be a sign that your arches have collapsed.

Many people come into our clinic mentioning that their feet have collapsed, or they have pain in their foot.

This is often a biomechanics problem. The reason why this happens is due to the feet not sitting properly.

The pain will not go away unless treated, so its best to make an appointment with an experienced podiatrist today.

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We are a RESULTS based clinic, we focus on solving YOUR heel or foot problem!

Over 15 years of experience, conference lecturing, University lecturing and tutoring, we are focused on SOLUTIONS that work & are practical!

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What are the causes?


Wearing heels


Can be Inherited


Associated with various forms of feet, knee, ankle, hip, back, neck and posture problems

If the feet are unstable, the rest of the posture is out

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What are the symptoms?

Feet have collapsed

Pain on the foot or ankle

Arch of the foot pain

Arch of the foot swelling

Pain doing sports activities

Pain in the hip, back and knee

What can barefeet podiatry do to help?

Are you looking for treatment for you collapsed feet/arches?

Contact our Podiatrist today for an assessment of the foot and its mechanics to find the source of the problem.

Remember if the feet are collapsed, then the rest of the body will come out of its correct alignment.

You can have collapsed feet surgery; however, we advise trying out treatments like orthotics for collapsed feet first.

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Orthotics for your feet

Barefeet Podiatry offer customised orthotics for your collapsed feet/arches. This will align the foot back to its correct position.

The pressure will then be reduced on particular parts of the foot and align the whole body back to a better position.

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Footwear advice for you

We will advise you on the best footwear for your feet that provides comfort and support.

Remember footwear needs to support your foot with minimal movement inside. If the foot can shift, then so can the foot.

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Ensuring the body is in the best alignment

We will give you an assessment which will provide an analysis ensuring the alignment of your body is correct.

This will reduce the number of issues which could happen in the future regarding the back, hips, knees, ankles and feet.

What should I do next?

If you are looking for collapsed feet/arches treatment, then book an appointment with us now.

We can advise you the solution that’s best for you.

Contact us today!

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