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What is it?

Shin splints are the name used for pain in the shins or the front of the lower legs. They are usually caused by exercise and can become uncomfortable.

There are two different areas of shin splints.

The Anterior shin splints- located below the knee at the front.

The Posterior shin splints- located inside of the leg near the ankle.

If you are looking for shin splints treatment, then we can help you with the right at home solution.

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What are the causes?

A sudden change in your activity plan

Exercising on hard or uneven surfaces

Wearing poorly fitted or worn-out footwear that doesn’t provide support and comfort

Being overweight

Having flat feet or feet that roll

Having weak ankles, tight calf muscles or a tight Achilles tendon

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What are the symptoms?

Pain after exercising

Pain improves while resting

Dull and achy pain by can then turn to become increasingly sharp or severe

Affect both shins

Pain over a large part of the shin

What can barefeet podiatry do to help?

Get in contact with our specialist at Barefeet Podiatry’s North Sydney clinic today for an assessment. We look at the way you walk and how your foot is positioned. This will allow us to give you advice on the best treatment.

If you are looking for shin splints treatment in New South Wales, then take a look at what we can offer you.

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The Podiatrist at Barefeet can prescribe a custom-made orthotics to align the foot correctly, providing comfort and stability.

This will reduce the pressure on the shins.

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Footwear advice

We can give you advice on the best footwear which is deep and wide enough to accommodate your foot.

Wearing narrow, poor-fitting footwear can make the problem get worse at a quicker rate.

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Shin splints exercises

At the Barefeet Clinic, we can inform you about the shin splints exercises that will help ease off the pain and improve your future exercise regime.

What should you do next?

It is important to deal with the shin splints promptly to avoid the problem progressing.

Book an initial biomechanical appointment online today!

Remember the longer the treatment is delayed, the longer it will take to heal.

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