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Do your feet roll in? Is this causing you pain in your foot, ankle or even the leg? Are you looking for a professional that can help solve your foot problem? At Barefeet Podiatry, we can help.

Our experienced podiatrist can assess your foot alignment and provide you with the best treatment for it. It is vital that you see a foot specialist straight away to stop the foot problem from worsening.

If you have inward rolling feet or your ankles roll in, it may be due to your foot and leg become unaligned. Make sure to speak to a specialist to sort it out straight away, the sooner the problem is sorted, the easier it will be to fix!

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We are a RESULTS based clinic, we focus on solving YOUR heel or foot problem!

Over 15 years of experience, conference lecturing, University lecturing and tutoring, we are focused on SOLUTIONS that work & are practical!

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What are the Causes?

Bad posture


Foot hitting the floor incorrectly

Weakness in the lower part of the body

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What are the Symptoms?

The foot rolling in

Pain when moving the foot

Ankle or Heel Swelling

Stiffness in the foot or lower part of the body

How can barefeet Podiatry?

Rolling arches in the feet or Ankle Valgus need to be treated as soon as possible to stop the problem from worsening.

Our North Sydney Clinic can help you to find the best possible solution to get your feet back to the correct alignment. So, if you live in North Sydney or New South Wales, then book an appointment with us today.


After a biomechanical assessment, our specialists can provide you with orthotics which are custom-made especially to your feet. With the Orthotics help, it can help improve your feet positioning and encourage the foot to hit the floor correctly as you walk. After wearing this for a while, the pain will ease off and your foot alignment will correct itself.

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Choosing The Correct Footwear

At Barefeet Podiatry Sydney clinic, we can advise you on the best footwear for everyday use. It is important that footwear can not only support your foot with every stride but provide comfort in everything you do. We advise that you wear footwear such as trainers more often, check out our website for the best type of trainers for your feet.

What should you do next?

If you are experiencing flat feet rolling ankles, then it is highly recommended to book a biomechanical appointment straight away. It is easy to book with us- fill out our online form and we schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

We will discuss with you the best possible solutions for your rolling feet to fix your foot’s positioning straight away – it is important to remember not to delay in sorting the foot problem out soon as it will worsen and cause more pain. Make sure to schedule an appointment with us today.

With many years’ experience in all feet and lower back pain, we can diagnose the problem and decide on the best solution for you. If you are based in Chatswood, Blacktown, Campbelltown, Central Coast or New South Wales, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us today.

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