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One of the most common problems that our patients visit our podiatry clinic is for foot pain.

Foot pain can come in many different varieties and be caused by many issues; however, it is easy to fix.

Are you experiencing sharp pain in the foot or foot tendon pain? Or if you are suffering from pain on top of the foot, lateral foot pain or pain in the arch of the foot, contact “Barefeet Podiatry” – the best foot clinic Sydney today.

With over 15 years’ experience in dealing with all foot and lower back problems, we will assess your foot and advise you on the best solution to reduce the pain effectively. It is simple to book an appointment with us, simply fill out our online form and we will see you as soon as possible.

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Sydney’s Best Clinic in solving Heel & Foot Pain

We are a RESULTS based clinic, we focus on solving YOUR heel or foot problem!

Over 15 years of experience, conference lecturing, University lecturing and tutoring, we are focused on SOLUTIONS that work & are practical!

heel pain podiatry sydney

What are the Symptoms of having Foot Problems?

Pain in the foot

Foot swelling

Pain on the outside of the ankle

Instability in the foot

Foot bruising

Stiffness in the foot

leg pain podiatrist Sydney

What Causes Foot Problems?

Incorrect footwear

Wearing high-heels

Being overweight

Infectious viruses, diseases or bacteria

Athletes foot

Ingrown toenail

Being pregnant





Sports activities

Foot injuries such as a fracture or sprain

How can barefeet podiatry help with your foot pain?How can barefeet Podiatry?

If you are experiencing ball of foot pain, bottom of foot pain or any other foot-related pain, speak with our podiatrist today.

While based in North Sydney, we can help any patients from Central Coast, Blacktown, New South Wales, Chatswood, Campbelltown or any of the surrounding areas. We will give you a foot pain diagnosis based on our expert knowledge on the anatomy of the foot and help fix your foot pain issues straight away.


Our experienced Podiatrist can offer you custom-made orthotics to help position your feet correctly when you walk. They can also help with any medical conditions that cause foot pain such as diabetic foot pain.

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Footwear advice

Before you book an appointment with us at Barefeet Podiatry, we advise you to wear trainers more often, take a look on our website at the type of trainers that we recommend. After a week, see if this has helped the pain at all. If not, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us and we will assess the problem and find the best solution straight away.

What should you do next?

If you are concerned about your foot pain, whether its pain on the side of the foot or pain under the foot, schedule an appointment with us today. It is very important that you see someone who has many years’ experience and understands the anatomy of the foot.

Remember that most of the time foot pain in the sole of the foot or pain in the middle of the foot can be solved at home, however if it has lasted longer than a week, then don’t hesitate to speak with our podiatrist today for the best advice and the ideal solution to solving your foot pain.

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