Think of the foundation of a house.

If it is all cracked and unstable, the walls and roof will be out of alignment.

At Barefeet, we believe the feet are like the foundation of a house, the walls are your knees and legs, the roof is your pelvis and lower back.

If your feet are unstable, then your knees, pelvis and lower back are all out of alignment, which could transfer to problems all the way to the neck!

If your feet flatten, collapse or wobble when walking, your foundation is unstable.

Unstable feet foundations cause the following problems and more!
– Heel pain
– Arch pain
– Forefoot pain
– Knee pain
– Lower back pain
– Ankle pain
– Shin splints
– Outside of the legs pain
– Toe pain
– Ingrowing toe nails
– High pressure areas
– Bunions
– Hammer toes
– Neuromas
– Top of feet pain
– Balls of the feet pain
– Knock knees
– Shock absorption problems in heels

At Barefeet Podiatry- this is what we are EXPERTS in!

If you are experiencing any of the above, book an appointment with us so we can solve it for you!

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