Have you gone over on the outside of your ankle?

It hurts a lot!

Why does this happen?

  1. The outside of the ankle has only two tendons and the inside of the ankle has three!
  2. Movements to the side create excess force to the outside of the ankle and the tendon comes out of its groove, flick over the bone and when your foot straightens up again it goes back into its groove.
  3. Tendons are not muscles, once you stretch it- you are at a high risk of doing it again!
  4. The more you injure the tendon, the more often it will happen

What Can I do about it?

  1. Book an appointment with Barefeet Podiatry (Initial biomechanical consultation)
  2. We are the experts at the feet and foot problems are our expertise!
  3. The Podiatrist can give you an awesome management plan and also reduce your pain on the spot!
  4. Podiatrist are THE health professional for the feet!
  5. No amount of exercise or physiotherapy will fix this- only orthotics with a special cubiod notch attached and the foot in the best biomechanical position to  relieve thension on the tendon will help it.

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