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If you are suffering from any feet issues or other problems that could be caused by the feet, Barefeet Podiatry North Syndey clinic is here to help. Based in North Sydney, our professional podiatrist Sydney can help treat any feet, heel, ankle, knee or hip pain that you may be suffering from. Our podiatrist in North Sydney has over 15 years of experience in finding the best possible solution for your pain within a short period of time. Don’t let the pain continue, schedule an appointment with Barefeet Podiatry today or give us a call on (02) 9922 3771.

Looking for bunion treatment? Or do you need a foot specialist? At Barefeet Podiatry, our North Sydney podiatrist experts are here to provide you with the best treatment and care to get your lower body back at its best. From the initial consultation, we will analyse the issue and find the best action to take for your feet. We offer a wide range of treatments, including orthotics, to help improve your feet’s positioning. If you are searching for a podiatrist in North Sydney, look no further than the Barefeet Podiatry clinic.

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Our foot specialist is one of the only experts in North Sydney, Australia who can work with children’s feet and leg pain and any sports-related issues, so if you have any concerns or queries related to either of these areas, Barefeet is here to help. We will listen to your every need and provide you with bespoke treatment to get you back into playing a sport or get your child back to feeling pain-free. Book an appointment with us either online or give our professional podiatrists a call on (02) 9922 3771, and we will help you out as soon as possible.

The feet are one of the most used parts of the body. Therefore, it is understandable that having feet problems can cause a lot of stress. Being unable to walk or struggling with day to day activities can affect your lifestyle. If you need a podiatrist for foot pain or are looking for a podiatrist near me, contact Barefeet Podiatry clinic today. We will help treat your problem for good and provide you with advice to stop it from happening again. Schedule an appointment with our top North Sydney podiatrist today.


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    Podiatrists in North Sydney are the most qualified practitioners who treat the lower limb. With over 15 years’ experience, our foot clinic North Sydney can prescribe and issue the best custom foot orthotics to treat your foot, heel, ankle or any other lower limb pain.

    Barefeet Podiatrists are thoroughly trained and have the best knowledge to solve your foot pain. 90% of all ankle, heel, knee and hip pain is caused by your feet positioning. Make the step in the right direction, call us on (02) 9922 3771 or schedule an appointment online with our North Sydney Podiatrist online today. Don’t leave your lower limb problem for a long period of time; get it sorted today.

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