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Moving around freely and exploring different places would not be possible without your feet. Your feet are at your extremities and do a fantastic job to support your body through everything. But how much do you take care of your feet? When your feet experience pain and numbness, do you get them to checked with a podiatrist? We could be the best podiatry clinic for you in Newtown.

BareFeet Podiatry specialises in all kinds of feet, toe, ankle and nail problems to improve foot conditions from experiencing any pain for a long time. Foot conditions can develop anytime during our life, and leaving it unattended can only worsen the problem. We treat podiatric conditions for children and adults equally because we are aware of the consequences and provide the best podiatry care in Newtown.

With rapid weather changes in Newtown, your feet are most prone to all the pain that comes with it. From bunions, hammertoes, nail disorders to fractures, sprains, arthritis and diabetes, our experienced podiatrists help you overcome these difficulties without undergoing complex procedures.

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Feet have a complex bone structure that facilitates carrying the whole body’s weight and moving around with ease. Over time, these bones start to experience a deficiency, and the form may begin to alter, developing various unexplainable foot conditions that can hinder your movement. These conditions don’t just occur in adults, and they can be witnessed in infants and children. Our expert podiatrist in Newtown cares for your foot and help prevent these conditions from developing further.

Who can understand the meaning behind foot pain more than an expert podiatrist? Each pain or symptom signifies an underlying condition that may not be visible to an inexperienced individual. If you search for top podiatry ‘near me’, then our contact line is available for help at any time. At BareFeet Podiatry, we deal with foot conditions that can be mild at the start and prevent it from developing severe pain or deformities.

Offering a broad spectrum in podiatry treatment, we have been one of Newtown’s most reliable podiatry clinics. Understanding the cause of pain, numbness or deformity from a search on Google will not solve the problem. Availing our expert doctors in Newtown to look into the issue and assisting you through it gives you the advantage of long-lasting results without additional appointments.

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Expert Podiatric Clinic Newtown

BareFeet Podiatry in Newtown offers our foot therapy and care services through our professional doctors led by Dr Louise Buchtmann at affordable consultation costs. So, if you need a local podiatric clinic ‘near me’, we could be the perfect solution for you. Our specialists have attained their training from the top universities in Australia for podiatry and have a minimum experience of 10 years in the field.

Lesser known to all, the uses of podiatry treatment are more precise to feet conditions because they have a degree and years of experience in treating different foot conditions that could hinder your movements in daily life. Thus, we suggest you avail our professional podiatry services in Newtown. Our practitioners utilise modern podiatric approaches to make a biomechanical analysis and decide whether to employ customised orthotics or remedial muscle relief to alleviate the pain.


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    Over the years, developing health issues has been a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle, and it can be excruciating when it affects your feet. Over our years of experience in this field, most cases used to be neglected feet conditions that could’ve been easily cured in their initial stage. Our local podiatrists in Newtown not only help you through your podiatric problems but also advise feet-care routines to reduce the chances of recurring foot problems.

    Feet problems affect bones, joints and muscles that cause discomfort, pain and movement that could affect your day-to-day life. Understanding your foot structure gives a significant insight into where and why pain occurs. Your feet need practical solutions to resolve the problem more than verbal consultation immediately. Thus, availing of our podiatry services in Newtown can help you overcome this effortlessly.

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    Experienced Podiatric Care Newtown

    At BareFeet Podiatry, we don’t just treat the problem relating to your foot, but all other parts it is affected from, such as knees and hips. The adversity of unhealthy life practices mostly takes a toll on the vital parts of your body, which affects your feet. In such cases, just getting your feet tested to relieve pain or deformities is not enough; the root cause of the pain must be removed to alleviate the pain completely so that the risks do not occur again.

    Instead of a series of appointments to get a conclusion, you can consult, assess and avail treatment in just one meeting with our experienced doctors. Utilise our expert opinions to cure your feet problems, after-treatments and diet plan to enjoy free movements without pain.

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