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Feet carry your entire body’s weight and work the most to keep you moving. The freedom of movement is only recognized when it starts to develop conditions preventing it from doing so. Feet conditions vary from person to person and trying to find a solution through a Google search or someone else’s recommendation might not be beneficial. BareFeet Podiatry in Leichhardt specializes in diagnosing, treating and healing all foot, heel, ankle, knee and hip conditions that could be obstructing your daily routine.

We at BareFeet Podiatry understand how the pain in your foot and its contacted parts can affect your lifestyle, and through our thorough podiatric treatment, we ensure all the links that directly cause the pain are treated without the chance of recurrence. Not only do we provide treatments in Leichhardt, but we also help you adopt exercise and practice routines to improve the condition of your foot and ensure free movement.

Do you suffer conditions like bunions, flat feet, turf toes, shin splints or any other feet conditions that stop you from living your life to the fullest? Then availing of the best podiatry clinic in Leichhardt is possibly the best possible solution you can ask for. Specific clinics might specialize in certain foot problems that might lead to different clinics finding out the actual situation and its solution. We have practitioners who have specialized in knowing every type of foot condition to help you out properly.

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Sometimes, foot-related issues may not just cause lifestyle changes; they can also be hereditary and lead to severe conditions if not corrected at their earliest. We offer therapy and chiropodist treatments that can fix the positioning of your foot that may be caused by bunions, flatfeet or clubfoot and make your daily movements more relaxed.

At BareFeet Podiatry in Leichhardt, we provide a wide range of treatments, including orthotics, that can help you find out the underlying cause of the problem and take appropriate medications and treatments to heal it completely. Our certified practitioners have years of experience in treating people with foot problems and pains and has provided their due assistance in improving the feet conditions of our patients, enabling them to experience proper movements.

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Despite all the exercises and health routines, do you ever wonder why your foot develops conditions that cause pain, discomfort, or deformities? From our years of experience, people often experience pain from an unhealthy lifestyle, unsuitable footwear, hereditary or over-workouts that causes more than enough burdens that your foot can carry. However, this might not be the case all the time. Certain underlying conditions such as diabetes causes reduced blood flow to the extremities, leading to an injury to develop infections.

In cases involving underlying health conditions, you will need the help of an expert podiatrist in Leichhardt to examine your foot condition and recommend appropriate treatments because a foot-related condition can only be understood by a person specialising in it.

Being unable to participate in activities that you usually used to engage in can affect your confidence and lifestyle choices. We can correct this problem for you by suggesting the best course of action through our treatments and exercise plans for healing and relieving the pain and discomfort completely.


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    One of your feet’ most important jobs is to synchronise movements through your bones, muscles, nerves, and ligaments and smoothly facilitate each step. However, when it develops aches and pains, actions can be difficult and unbearable to take. If you expect to treat it independently with self-studied methods, it might result in more problems than solutions.

    Our local podiatrist in Leichhardt utilises modern equipment and treatment methods to diagnose your foot condition to derive an accurate conclusion so that only the best treatment can be provided to you. From foot conditions developed among infants to adults, we make a specific analysis of each and offer treatments that can enhance your foot health to improve movement.

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    Local Podiatrist Near Me

    When you experience pain or problem in your foot, the best solution would be to visit your nearest podiatrist. However, without narrowing down your problem, finding the right podiatrist can be a complex decision to take. If you search for the best podiatry ‘near me’ in Leichhardt, then we could be your solution. At BareFeet Podiatry, we have the most qualified practitioners who treat all types of foot, ankle, knee and hip conditions. Thus, our extensive specialisation makes us the one umbrella to solve all your foot-related problems.

    With the pandemic forcing us to stay at home, we take podiatric appointments and book treatments online for your safety. In this way, you can make a consultation at the comfort of your own home. We want our customers to experience swift remedy, and so, we offer you all the check-ups, diagnoses and suggestions for treatment in the very first appointment that you book.

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